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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 24, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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storm system is moving in, in unexpected fashion. a lot of moisture moving from the south. bringing with it mild weather. we're talking about an inch to inch and a half. as it moves on into the colder air, that warm air and that rain is going to lift up over it, and kind of fall through that colder air. we're looking at the potential for ice and freezing rain. national weather service has issued a flood watch in effect for tomorrow afternoon, through tomorrow evening. and again, the rest of the area, the gray and all of the area shaded in green there, as you see, is under a winter weather advisory. going into effect at 4:00 in the morning. and staying with us until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's because of this ice moving on through, they can expect to see maybe a longer duration. anything untreated. but the biggest problem is going to be that the snow is still on the ground. the rain is going to wash that away. and it has nowhere to go.
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so be wear of flooding in urban areas. and again, the temperatures are going to go up. so we'll start to see a good bit of rain until midmorning. but not until then will we start to see a change over. we'll see icing early on. we'll have your complete updated first warning forecast in just a few moments. stay with wjz for first warning weather forecast. for updated forecasts, you can log onto a developing story tonight out of salisbury, where police are still searching for a missing 11-year-old girl. a registered sex offender has already been charged in her disappearancement it's a sad story to have to report on christmas eve here. but there is an intense search under way now in salisbury, where they are looking for a missing girl, who was literally snatched, kidnapped, police say, from her own bedroom in the middle of the night. >> reporter: 11-year-old sarah
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foxwell was last seen wearing her fuzzy pajamas when she was abducted overnight. police say thomas leggs jr. broke into the home and kidnapped her. leggs has been arrested but is not cooperating with police, who are are in an all-out search for the little girl. >> we will continue to search. >> reporter: police are searching 25 different locations by air and on the ground. dietsch teams also searching area waters. dive teams asking anyone who may have seen anything to give a call. makes a difference between finding sare and -- sarah and not finding sarah. no matter how small it might seem, we urge the calls to come in. >> reporter: leggs once stayed with sarah's aunt, who is her legal guardian. he has two other alleged victims, both cases, the victims were females. it appears that sarah's younger sister said that she
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told police that she saw her sister leaving with the suspect that same morning that she was abducted. and police say they also found the little girl's toothbrush, inside the little girl's car. back to you. it is a sad one. police say because he dated the girl's aunt, he knew where the family hid an extra key to the house. a woman jumped the barriers and knocked down the pope as he walked down theile. you can see the bodyguards rushing to his aid. the 82-year-old pope quickly got up and was not hurt. it is not shown on our video. after that, he got back up. pope benedict benedict made no reference to the incident as the service started.
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wjz has complete coverage of the christmas holiday travel president bush. let's begin with mike hellgren who is live on 83. the beltway is moving very well at this hour. as you heard tim talk about at the beginning of this broadcast, there is the potential for icing on christmas work. road crews are on standby. but the real problems alt this hour are to our west. however you choose to travel, major delays have caused big problems at the center of the country. but here in maryland, most travelers found travel smooth. so far, with sky sky eye chopper 13 monitoring major roads in whitemarsh to the fort mchenry tunnel, most people choatz to drive. we're headed up to see my dad. >> work in d.c. and heading back to new jersey. >> reporter: triple a says gas prices are way up.
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$2.57 now. compared to $1.sketch last year. >> lots of people will probably get on the roads tomorrow morning, especially if they're not traveling too, too far. >> they will travel. >> the travel, although it tends to be spread out, tend to be hear spread out. >> but it's that bad weather that caused the major issues in the weather yesterday. this is the ice on the trees, all coming this way. and in houston, these huge lines formed after a power outage. you're seeing consumers in high numbers try to get out before the storm comes. >> trying to make it home for the holidays. well, keeping that holiday spirit. traditional italian christmas eve. i have to get there. >> my trip has been great. i've been the official back suit supervisor. >> that's an important position.
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>> yes it is. bringing up the rear end. >> gotta love the backseat drivers. there have been intermittent delays. best to check with your air carriers. thank you so much. our complete coverage continues now with the holiday shoppers racing to beat the clock and the weather. gigi barnett is live. i was there last night it was crazy. is it still busy? >> yes. some people were able to do damage to their shopping list. the mall says it knows that because it has the 5,000 shopping spaces. this is it. >> i started like last month. but i'm still last minute. but this year, shopirs have an exclus. it's last weekend's snowstorm. record level storms shut down.
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>> once the ice started clearing out this hour, everybody rushed out. yep. that's just how it is today. >> reporter: the mall says on the morning before christmas, crowds can be manageable. but as the day wears on and more people arrive, frantic for gifts, things can become hectic. >> maybe people getting off work. you know, early. but we expect it to be a very, very busy afternoon, right up until close. >> it's kind of like being at the beach at low tide. and everybody is putting their chair out. and as the afternoon comes by, the water is going to come in. and the stress levels are going to shoot up at the mall. >> reporter: for some, holiday shopping is a tradition. or at least last-minute shopping. >> my parents said, let's get all of our christmas shopping. and christmas eve, we'll go to the wall maul and watch everyone else run around like crazy, getting their gifts. >> reporter: and for the last decade, they have continued to watch. this year, more than 30 people
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joined in. they call themselves the gawkers. you kind of get your chuckles from people. it's a cheap thrim. fun. the gawkers. an interesting trend this year. the mall says man people are allowing them to give a portion of their sales. so that's pretty interesting. and next big shopping day is the day after christmas. and that's when many people will come back to the mall and cash in those gift cards. back to you, adam, on tv hill. sales dropped this weekend. but some analysts say they are pretty confident that they will be made up later this week. democrats are celebrating their victory. but republicans vowing to fight on, after the senate passed a healthcare bill over strict party lines. tonight, tara mergener explains for wjz.
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stir on a party line vote. >> yeas are 60. nays are 39. >> reporter: the democrats got their bill. and president obama is oney step closer to healthcare reform. >> these are not small reforms. these are big reforms. >> it would ban insurance companies from denying policies to people who become sick or have a preexisting condition. >> on this christmas eve, yeajt think of a better gift. >> reporter: but republicans say that gift comes with major strings, including higher taxes, bigger deficits and cuts to medicare. >> it doesn't do what it was supposed to do. the one test for any bill was whether it would lower costs. this bill fails that test. even though they have passed legislation, this process is far from over. the bills are different. and now, lawmakers have to try
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to merge them together. one of the biggest differences is the house has a bigger option, government-run program. and several moderates are dead set against a public option. and republicans vow to keep up their fight against the legislation. in fact, this fight is long from over. the next round in that fight will begin in january, when lawmakers return from their holiday break. tara mergeners, wjz eyewitness news. and maryland sairntds barbara mikulski and ben cardin both voted. took time today to give back. disadvantaged kids. the players said they were happy for the opportunity to give back to the program that helped them. it makes me feel really happy. knowing that the kids understand that the people that
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are here to look out for them. and just basically, knowing that people are here to support them. and they want to give back to them. >> you have to look up to them. they are so tall. they have gone on to play in the nba. and nothing beats getting a new bicycle for christmas. >> could you see that shiny? so happy. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. holiday drinking warnings. >> i'm jessica kartalija, in baltimore city. if you're out enjoying the holiday season, with a little alcohol, think twice before you get behind the wheel. why police are out in full force. the story straight ahead. christians around the world are celebrating the holiday at christmas eve services. of course, membership are right here -- many are right here in maryland. i'm weijia jiang, in downtown at the basilica, with a live report next. a family finally reunited. a father brings his son back home to the u.s. just in time
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for the holidays. and another round of winter weather heads toward our area. the updated first warning weather forecast just ahead.
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getting into the holiday spirit doesn't mean to overconsume the holiday spirits. they are reminding everybody to think before they drink. if you like a little kick in that egg nog, hand over those car keys. the law enforcement agencies throughout the state are
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aggressively charging drivers with dui and other traffic offenses. tonight, they're urging everyone to -- >> drink responsibly. drive safely. last year, nearly 12,000 people were killed in auto- related crashes. 152 of those were here in maryland. last year, there were 10% fewer dwi related crashes than the previous five year of -- five-year period. fatalities resulting from dui- related crashes have also declined since 2003. >> reporter: police are urging everyone to use a designated driver or call a taxi. and if you're hosting a holiday party. >> ask for the keys from individuals when they come to the door. if you know they're going to consume alcohol. if someone wants to leave, take their keys from them, try to convince them there's a safer way to get to their next deftination. festive partygoers aren't the only ones. we are concerned about this weather coming up this weekend.
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and again, we would urge the public, if you don't have to drive during inclement weather, don't drive. and certainly, don't drink. and as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz and project checkpoint strike force are joining together to remind everybody to use a designated driver. or call a cab. a poor decision can last a lifetime. if you have been touched by a drunk driver, we would like you to share your story. log onto, send your comments to project checkpoint strike force. the condition of a 15-year- old girl shot in the head in south baltimore, takes a turn for the worse. the teen is reportedly back in surgery at shock trauma and is listed in grave condition. police say she was shot just steps away from her brooklyn home tuesday night. police say other people were in the area at the time. but so far, no information was coming forward. christmas mass services are -- currently under way.
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weijia jiang is live at one of those services with more. hi, adam and everyone. the service here at the baltimore basilica was nothing short of stunning. of course, it is one of countless celebrations around the world for people to remember the true meaning of christmas. >> alt america's first cathedral. >> merry christmas. >> archbishop edwin o'brien entered, along with hundreds of parishioners. >> it's a beautiful time of the year. >> like i said, the whole idea is to remember the true meaning of christmas. >> joyful and triumphant ♪ >> reporter: inside, christmas hymns filled the air as families celebrated perhaps the most celebrated birthday of all. >> the birt of who? -- birt of who? >> jesus. >> everybody is just excited to celebrate christmas. and it's just such a beautiful church. so i think everyone is kind of in awe of how pretty it is.
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and just really excited to celebrate the day. >> reporter: the basilica remembered its 200th birthday in 2006, with a completion of the 30-month restoration. it is relatively new in charm city. but despite any changes here, the christmas eve mass remains ageless. [ singing ] >> reporter: and iron at -- here at the afternoon mass, there were well over 500 people. the church expects even more at the midnight massmentsz -- mass. for now, we're live in downtown baltimore, wishing you an evening. >> wjz will be going to many services around the area. we'll have more for you coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00. it is so nice that people get out to christmas mass tonight, without having to carry an umbrella. >> that's right. you still need your boots, though. still plenty of snow. temperatures are plummeting right now. >> yeah. this is a black ice scenario as
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well. have to be warned. temperatures are already down to 29 degrees. ice and anything that melt its down earlier today is now turning into ice. 71% relative humidity. winds from the east at 3 miles per hour. rain is on the way. we'll tell you what it means for you in just a few moments. and we have been asking you to send your favorite holiday photos. and you've sent in some great ones. take a look. ♪ [ music ]
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it is officially christmas eve. and there is santa's house. he's not in there, tim. >> no. he's busy. >> he's got a lot to do. he's out and about. the house is all lit up. i hope he's using those l.e.d. lights, mary. >> of course he is. he is definitely an energy saver. santa probably needs his waterproof red suit. an all-raven event is going to wash out some of the snow. give you an idea of what is moving across the region.
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a very large storm system expands from the great lakes to the gulf. northern tier of the country dealing with severe weather down. warm airlifting up from the gulf. a lot of moisture with this system. and as a result, we're going to be seeing potentially an inch to inch and a half. and the warmer air is going to start moving in here before too long, along with the rain. we got up to 38 degrees today. the record nowhere near either of those two extremes. 33 in elkton. 36 in ocean city. with temperatures around the immediate metro area, in the 20s in most of the region. 29 in westminster in columbia. 32 in bel air. and just around freezing on kent island, nation's capital at 34. winds coming from the northeast. bringing a little cloud cover. these winds are going to shift. and start coming from the west. and potentially even the southwest. as we start to look at the milder air coming from the gulf. this milder air is going to
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start pushing on in, overrunning the colder air that is in place. so this warm airlifts up, comes through the cold air. and as it falls through, it starts to freeze in place. we could be dealing with sleet and icing. you see already, a bit of a wintry mix. moving into northwestern ohio valley. and the cold air the milder area. and result, the national weather service has issue issued a winter weather advisory. and that is going to go into effect tomorrow afternoon. as this rain starts starts to move through here, we're going to see the potential of flooding. because the drains are just clogged. older air gets out of here by tomorrow. we'll bottom out. then our temperatures start to climb. that's going to mean a bit of a change overto rain, as openal coded to the frosty mix.
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small craft advisory goes through tomorrow afternoon. forecast looks like this. 23 tonight. becoming cloudy. after dawn, turning to about 34 degrees. going to be a lot of rain. pack up those presents. make sure they error the nosomething that will get them soggy. >> i thought it was all going to melt. so we'll still have a great christmas. tim, you are very good at forecasting the weather. but there's something you are even better at. >> and that would be? >> can you tell us your secret? he is number 1 in our wjz first -- wjz pro football challenge. the question is, can anyone stop meteorologist tim williams from taking the title? after 15 weeks of the season, tim is on top with 115 points.
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meteorologist bernadette woods with 154. stan and i are tied with 153 points. this week's winter. he got 13 out of 16 games correct. and came closest to the score of the tiebreaking game. he came closest to the tie- breaking game. and click on the banner near the top of the home page. back to you guys. tim has revealed. he says you have to guess and then guess again. that is the secret. very will done, slim. and see the ravens and the steelers here at sunday. guess and guess again. does that mean tim is second guessing himself? >> absolutely. >> and that's how he wins? way to go, tim. still to come tonight. a water and son finally reunited after a five-year struggle. they arrived back in the u.s.,
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five years ago. crash investigation, combing through the wreckage of american airlines flight 331. to find the cause of that near disaster. make way for the rain. city officials are hoping residents will clear away snow from their storm drains to prevent possible flooding this weekend. i'm andrea fujii. that story coming up on eyewitness news. this is mark viviano, with the ravens in owings mills. it might be christmas week. but the emotions are on edge. as the ravens get set for their rifles. we'll hear from the team when eyewitness news continues.
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it is partly cloudy. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with wjz. a new jersey father finally has his son back, after a custody battle in brazil. terrell brown reports from wjz -- for wjz from new jersey. >> sean goldman braved the media circus with his father.
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the 9-year-old's family decided to walk him through the consulate, rather than using a secure garage entrance. inside, sean and his dad talked about basketball and also made a phone call to grandpa. >> i said, hi, sean. i really miss you and i love you. >> reporter: david goldman boarded a plane with his son and gave the thumbs up. this custody has been going on for five years after his then- wife brought sean to her native brazil, supposedly for a two- week vacation. then the -- she died in childbirth. >> right now, this whole neighborhood is focused on a long-awaited homecoming. >> reporter: ronnie batista showed up at the house this morning, with one set of lights and one christmas wish. >> we wanted to make sure he came home to a house that was bright and christmasy. so i sent out an e-mail to folks in the neighborhood to see if they would help contribute. >> reporter: and it happened.
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by midday, candy canes lined the driveway, lights dangled from the roof. neighbors even delivered a christmas tree. >> this was really a miracle. sean and david will have a bright christmas to come home to. >> reporter: but it might be a while before they make it to new jersey. their plane's first scheduled stop is orlando. >> and just moments ago, the flight carrying david goldman and his son sean touched down in miami. investigators are combing through debris, trying to find out what caused american airlines flight 331 to overshoot the runway in jamaica. the flight's flight data recorder. investigators will all investigate passengers and crew. the plane is also in good condition for investigators since there was no fire. and a plane load of eyewitnesses are still alive to describe what they saw. >> just felt a big crash. and we felt a big impact. and we realized that the plane had crashed. >> reporter: add to the passenger -- and two of the
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passengers injured in that crash are still hospitalized tonight. it's snow and ice, covering storm drains. flooding is now becoming a concern in our area. andrea fujii explains that baltimore city public works is explaining that they are hoping to clear the snow and drains, making sure the rain water has somewhere to go. city crews are clearing the way for the impending rain, as piles of snow are covering many storm drains and gutters. >> you have a mound of ice around your storm drain, the top of the storm drain. and you get rainfall. it's not going to be able to get in there and that could cause flooding problems. >> reporter: sandra singer is visiting her mother. and when wjz told her about flooding concerns, she was quick to check nearby drains and gutters. >> i hadn't thought about doing that. but i guess i will go down to the end of the block and maybe see if they're cleared. so that there isn't flooding. >> reporter: with over 33,000 inlets in baltimore city alone, clogged drains can lead to multiple waterlogged intersections and basements.
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>> it's a very small thing to do to ensure that you and your neighbors don't have a problem. >> reporter: they also hope residents will clear away snow from fire hydrants, so firefighters can easily see them. sandra took the city's advice and cleared away some snow from a nearby gutter. >> there might be some flooding here. i could see that happening. >> reporter: because cleaning up water damage is the last thing anyone wants to do on christmas. in baltimore, andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. and if you live in the city, to report a clogged or covered storm drain, you can call 311. when will this weather arrive? meteorologist tim williams is tracking the weather in the first warning weather center for us. >> reporter: still making its way into the mid-atlantic. first warning doppler radar shows the lower edge of this, bringing with it the milder air. still pretty much down around atlanta. and moving and lifting up through the carolinas, kent extent and on -- kentucky and on through tennessee. so through, say, dawn or so, we
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can expect to see the leading edge of this start to move through the region. take a look at this graphic to give you an idea of what's going on. the national weather service is issuing a winter weather advisory. goes into effect and stays in effect until 10:00. and a flood watch goes into effect tomorrow afternoon. because again, the rain is going to come in pretty strong with about an inch to inch and a half of rain, washing and mixing with all of this snow. so an all-rain event from the 95 corridor to the east and the south. pretty much from northern baltimore county on out to frederick. we're dealing with a little ice, until temperatures change over. and from washington county to allegheny and garrett county. again, that's going to be until the temperatures start to climb. just be careful if you're out in the early hours of the morning. we'll have your first warning five-day forecast. we'll talk about improvements coming up. >> stay with wjz for the first warning weather forecast. for instant updates, live
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doppler radar, and any closings or delays. a baltimore family is burying a loved one. police believe it was a drunk driver who hit and killed a 62- year-old man when he was simply walking down the street. tonight, derek valcourt reports. >> reporter: 62-year-old james little. the oldest of nine children. himself a father. and an apparent victim of drunk driving. >> it's sad that we have to bury our brother here on christmas eve, instead of like everybody else out there enjoying the christmas season. >> reporter: the funeral for little filled with family members, many of them calling for the arrest of the 20-year- old woman, who police say smelled of alcohol when she was driving the gray jeep cherokee lorredo that struck him when he was walking in the 4700 block of greenspring avenue. she fled the scene. but police say they followed her on pimlico road. they gave her a breathalyzer. but they let her go while they complete the investigation. >> it is sad that she is home
6:37 pm
with her family while we are miserable. >> i think she should do her jail time. because to me, it's considered murder. because he was alive. and she left him on the side of the road like that. >> right now, it's just a spot in my heart and my soul that was missing. >> reporter: family members say little was a deeply spiritual man. and they hope the driver repents. >> something needs to be done about drinking and driving. >> i just say to all teenagers, you know, take this as experience. and just know to catch a cab or call a family member. >> we love you, james. but god loved him more. >> reporter: derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. and the city state's attorney's office says they will wait until their investigation is completed to file all of the charges at one time so the driver doesn't get off in any sort of technicality. maryland's juvenile service agency is denying claims that it was notified a rape suspect is in baltimore for the holidays. according to the baltimore sun, maryland officials say they
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received a fax -- say they did not receive the fax that 19- year-old donald vaughan was in baltimore tuesday. he is charged with raping a canton woman. vaughan was under investigation by police. here's a look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a look back at the year in baltimore crime. dominic foxworth is coming off of his best game. and now gets ready for the best game. now they have movie reviews. it's complicated, nine, and sherlock holmes. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news tonight. hostage standoff. why a virginia man helps three people at gunpoint for eight hours. a path for shoplifting. coming up. that is not the right video
6:39 pm
there. coming up, a reverend in england explains why preaching and stealing may not always be wrong. i'm tim williams in the first warning weather center. in for bob turk. putting the finishing touches on what could be a potentially wet christmas. we'll have the five-day forecast coming up.
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a man is now explaining his motives. the suspect, seen here. warren taylor, says he was angry at the federal government because his son died in afghanistan. the hostages were released unharmed, after taylor surrendered peacefully. he is evaluated in a medical facility to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial. a delaware pediatrician, charged with sexually abusing his patients may have attacked more children than originally thought. delaware state officials say dr. earl bradley may have attacked more than 100 children. detectives say an 18-page document of the alleged attack. he was arrested last week and and is currently in prison on $2.1 million bond. he has been charged with 33 counts relating to just seven victims. a priest in london causing quite a stir with a christmas sermon that encourages the needy to steal. he calls shoplifting the lesser
6:43 pm
of two evils. recession-battered retailers in britain are desperate for a trickle of profit. from this year's buying spree. >> reporter: for them, father tim jones' christmas sermon was anything but glad tidings. reverend jones knew his remarks would provoke. >> it's borne out of a deep frustration, at the plight of people living at the bottom. >> reporter: lives at the bottom of a society, more interested in consuming than in charity can drive the destitute to desperate acts like violent crime. and in that case, says reverend jones, shoplifting is a better alternative. >> start engaging in the kind of crime, which is deeply traumatizing and damaging to people. such as burglary. and i would rather that the rest of society be forgiving if people take a can of beans from a shop to tide them over.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: on london streets, christmas shoppers understood, the vicar wasn't promoting crime so much as a debate. >> he's making a point as to shock people into realizing that the system isn't working. people are falling through the gaps. >> i wouldn't advocate that they should shoplift. but i think we should have understanding of people who are in difficulty at christmas. >> i know it's wrong. but i sism thyself with the -- sympathize with the people. i hope they get away with it. >> reporter: the ang anglican church elders were less forgiving. in a statement, they made clear, whatever the circumstances, the bottom line has never changed. thou shalt not steal. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> reverend jones said not to steal from family businesses. instead, he urged people to steal from large, national chains because the costs are ultimately passed onto everyone in the form of higher prices. >> interesting, the controversy. >> yeah, very controversial. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on
6:45 pm
the cbs evening news. senate democrats prepare for what is expected to be a healthcare victory. even as republicans continue to express opposition to the landmark bill. how will the vote stand up? tonight only on the cbs evening news. thank you, katie. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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tonight, christmas eve. a winter storm closes in on maryland. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. tim williams has a more detailed look at what we can expect on christmas day. tim? >> well, we're expecting to see rain move into the region late tonight. we're talking about after midnight. and through about dawn. and then early rain could come through in the form of frozen drizzle or maybe even freezing rain before drizzle. we're looking at santa having a pretty decent forecast, at least early on. be able to take mary and adam their ashes and coal. looking at 45 degrees. then for the next five days, we see 48 on side. rain will taper off. 45, 40, and 36 with the sun. and then lows in the low tents. -- 20s. >> guess who will be returning
6:49 pm
his christmas gift. bah humbug. >> you're not getting it, tim. ravens continue their r -- preps for the big game.
6:50 pm
today is a special day. today, we gather as a nation and as an international community to recognize the selfless decision of one of the most influential women of our time. she's been recognized by religious figures,
6:51 pm
and politicians around the world. to us, she's just rachael, but to the rest of the world she's the woman who, after having one too many drinks, chose not to drive home buzzed. here today to honor rachael is the family whose lives she spared. well, i guess the best thing to say at this point is at least both teams are dealing with injuries. >> yeah. >> you know, every team in the league is, and when you get two teams in the league.
6:52 pm
time to count down to kickoff does include injuries. four starters, unable to practice today. safety ed reed, looking less and less likely to start today. linebacker jarret johnson. and offensive tackle jarrett gaither also unable to fra. -- practice. matt has a forearm injury. catula, though, says he should be able to play sunday. another question on special teams, regarding punt returns. with chris carr having to play more cornerback. the team is not saying who is going to handle those returns. for the ravens, sunday is a return to an unfamiliar and unfriendly place. it's become the nfl's hardest- hitting rivalry. and this time, rivalries hit the line. >> it's huge. everybody loves it here in baltimore. every now and then, it's just fewer fans sprinkled in. so i think that's why it's such
6:53 pm
a good rivalry. we have such good fans around here. but we have those couple outcast, like the steelers. it's a fun rivalry for everybody. fans, players. you know, it's a game everybody enjoys playing. >> i think we both really enjoy and love to play each other. so because i think we're the only two teams who play this style football. that's why we go out there. and that's why it is a rivalry. >> die hard. it's been around for years. way before i was born and things like that. you gotta understand what you're going to get. coming in through the cold, conditions. crowd is going to be crazy. but i tell you, that's probably one of the best places to be in, in december. well, the ravens are in search of that play-off berth. and they could possibly knock pittsburgh out of post season contention. and you can see it right here,
6:54 pm
wjz, kickoff at 1:00ment i'll be here -- 1:00. i'm be here -- i'll be here. veteran sportscaster george michael has died. he was a mainstay on washington, d.c. television for nearly three decades. his george michael sports machine was seen in syndication nationwide. he died from complications from leukemia. george michael was 70 years old. no games in the nba tonight. baltimore's carmelo anthony. melo dropped points on the atlanta hawks. anthony leads the nba in scoring. 38 a game. and when melo misses, kenyon martin is there to clean up. nuggets over the hawks, 124- 104. denver has won 13 of its 14 home games. and that is the best so far in the nba. and of course, the lakers is the team they're going to be chasing eventually. and we'll see if melo can maybe hold the trophy. that would be cool.
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be sure to stay tuned to the cbs prime time lineup. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00, with adam hereux on wjz 13. and volunteers are putting on their headsets tonight, tracking santa. being bombarded with phone calls and e-mails. kids calling in, asking when santa might arrive at their house. has he shown up on doppler radar? >> not just yet. i'm hoping captain mike will pick him up from the chopper. that's it for tonight. we'll be back. >> for tim and mark, i'm adam may, thanks for watching wjz's eyewitness news. >> the yeas are 60.... >> glor: tonight the ayes have
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it. the senate passes an historic health care bill without one republican vote, but the biggest battle may still be ahead. i'm jeff glor. also tonight, a white christmas eve turns deadly. holiday travelers face a blizzard in the plains with treacherous conditions from texas to minnesota. a scare at the vatican,-- an attacker knockdown pope benedict but he recovers to celebrate midnight mass. and what a difference a year makes, but even the grinch can't steal their christmas spirit. >> there we go! now we're straight. yeah. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> glor: and good evening. katie's off tonight. the president calls it the most important piece of social legislation since social security passed more than 70 years ago. today, during an early-morning vote, the


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